SONGKRAN Chiangmai, Thailand

One of the high spots of the Thai calendar is the annual New Year celebration, or Songkran, which falls on or around April 13 and lasts for three days or more.

These days, Songkran has turned into a water-throwing funfest, in which anyone and everyone is liable to get thoroughly drenched.

Chiang Mai is without a doubt Thailand’s leading venue for Songkran celebrations and is celebrated with enthusiasm and ceremony in this temple-studded city.

With the streets packed around the moat, it is a bumper to bumper water fight. If your out and about in any way, you are going to get wet from the start of the day until the early evening. From warm Moat water to buckets of ice water and from hoses to water guns, you may not see it coming, but you are certainly gonna get hit.

Songkran in Chiang Mai is one of the biggest parties of the year and they certainly don’t hold back as you can see in this video!

Shot entirely in HD.