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This lovely little country road in Tambon Sanpheesua Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai, separated from the Outer Ring, running parallel to the Mae Ping River, is the path that leads you to our home mood restaurant  “nine-o-nine.”

A key to let go of both physical and mental  stress is “green”. Here in the wide area of our 18 rai home on the bank of the Mae Ping River, those various healing shades of green you can find.

Crickets sing lovingly in the moonlight. Every night in the rainy season hundreds of thousands of sparkling fireflies come out to celebrate their new circle of lives again.

Winter mornings are so charming. Occasionally after the rain, it seem like we can touch the rainbow over there.

We are a small family of four members, but we believe simply that “The more the merrier”. A nice and appealing restaurant will surely bring more joy and laughter to this land full of nature and peace. That is where our sweet little “nine-o-nine” stems from.

The winds are whispering to those good-humored trees. Why not have refreshing air for free. Come and take a seat… have your favorite foods…ease your stress away. The secret is that we have such expert winds and trees to clean your heart and fill it up again.

Dinner is a time to be pleased and a time to gain your strength. Thai, European or Fusion…it’s your choice! We have well-blended dishes from the good old days and with accents of the modern style. We said well-blended but, you know, compromising taste is not our policy. Let your smile be your approval and our guarantee.

Please let us be one of your choices when there’s something special to celebrate. It would be a real pleasure to have an opportunity to take care of your significant ceremony or celebration. A marriage, birthday, seminar, party with friends or even a private dinner with your loved ones…please don’t hesitate to give us a try.

We’re open from 5:00 – 11:00 pm every day, except for the period between2-9 of November each year as it is saved for a Meditation Course we have consecutively hosted for more than 20 years.

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90/9 M3 Tumbon Sanpheesua Chiangmai 50300, Thailand

Tel: 053 110 732 -3, 089 9488909

Fax: 053 110 732

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