Serwa Coffee…your gonna love us!

The word Serwa can mean many things depending on the language. For example it can mean Rich, or Diamond, in an African or Arabic dialect.

The shop owner realized that the name of a shop is very important and thought that the name “Serwa”, with its many different meanings, would be a good start  when opening a new shop.

With the translation of Serwa into Diamond we decided to name some of our delicious smoothies after gem stones for example: The Diamond smoothie, The Ruby smoothie and The Jade smoothie.

We also provide many choices of cake from our menu. For the customer who wants to enjoy drinking, we have smooth tasting coffee and free Wi-Fi Internet.

Come and enjoy a drink at Serwa Coffee. We have a promotion waiting so you can enjoy our services.

Contact Telephone: 089-757-9551

Hotline: 089-757-9551

Address Chang Phuak Chiangmai Thailand