Sweet Garden Homemade Bakery

Sweet Garden is a petit bakery shop in the midst of nature and peaceful surroundings with the sound of our waterfall. Our coffee shop serves homemade cakes and beverages. For customers who want to surf the internet, we have free Wi-Fi internet for you.

Indulge yourself in the garden with fresh coffee and yummy homemade bakery treats. Let every day be a holiday!

Menu cake:

Blueberry Cheese Pie

Melon Cake

Strawberry Tower

Milk tea Cake

Double Chocolate Cake

Orange Cheese Pie

Triple Choc Mousse Cake

Strawberry Fresh cake

Peach Cake

Strawberry Yogurt






Caramel Latte


Italian Soda

Special Menu:

Kiwi Smoothy

Strawberry Smoothy

Berry Smoothy

Contact Telephone: 053 855 230

Hotline: 089 999 9317

Address: 195/43 M.8 T.sunpeesur, A.maung, Chiang Mai

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