We are a family-run Herbal Health Centre with 8 traditional houses surrounded by fruit trees and herb gardens located in a village just 9 kms southwest of Chiang Mai. Were not a Spa, and do not offer any detox treatments, scrubs, or exotic cures. On the other hand, our director, Homprang Chaleekanha, is a licensed Doctor of Thai Traditional Medicine, and offers a variety of Thai Traditional Massages and Therapies combined with steam baths and/or herbal compresses. An ordinary Full Body Massage requires 2 to 3 hours, for example, something you may not have experienced before. Those with specific health problems may want to arrange a session with Homprang herself—Thai Therapeutic Massage is a healing art quite separate from Thai Massage. Finally, all our therapists are trained by Homprang, and most of them are members of her family. Were not a Resort Hotel, but do offer accommodation in 4 old wooden farm houses with shutters instead of glass and a fine spray of water on the roof instead of air-conditioning. Stay one night or 6 months, as a single person in retreat, as a large family with children, as a group of students, or as a whole Conference of up to 15. Were simple but well-equipped with effective screens, lots of clean toilets, hot showers, bicycles, computers, and even wifi. And delicious Thai food, of course, served communally with guests and the family all eating together at the same big table. Were not a Training Institute, but we do teach a lot of students from all over the world. Homprang is a master teacher, fluent in English, unencumbered by allegiances to this or that method, and gifted with the ability to bring the best out of everybody—from single, one-on-one students (she has many of those, mainly professionals) to large groups of Thai students who are preparing for their government exams (this is voluntary work for her). Finally, foreign students usually stay here with us, a maximum of 8 to a class. Its a truly unique experience, live-in training, as it adds all those cultural dimensions that can come up only after a class has finished, or even before it has begun!

Website: www.homprang.com
E-mail: baanhom@homprang.com
Telephone: 053. 817.362 or 081.885.1429 (Homprang direct)
Address: 93 Moo 12, Tawangtan, Saraphi, Chiang Mai 50140, Thailand