Herbal Steam House

Herbal steam therapy is created by the boiling of a special combination of fresh herbs and essence, proving to benefit both the body and mind.

This sweat inducing therapy reduces tension and releases impurities through the skin as well as clearing the breathing passages.

The steam draws out the essential oils from medicinal herbs such as lemon grass, cassod tree, and zingiberaceae.

The benefits of herbal steam:

With the temperature between 35 ºC- 45 ºC (95 ºF- 110 ºF), therapy for 10-15 minutes can improve:

1.     The Nervous System,  pain relief, stress reduction and promoting sound sleep.

2.     Muscles and Bones

3.    Reducing  cramps

4.    Soothes aching  muscles

5.   Reduces ankle inflammation

6.     Blood Circulation:  With the heat dilating the blood vessels this results in                      improved circulation and increases the body’s energy levels.

7.     Detoxification:  ridding the body of toxins through sweat

8.     Respiration: clearing respiratory passages aiding lung capacity.

As well as reducing body fat, it cleanses and rejuvenates your skin, making you feel fantastic!

Our Theraptic Herbs Include:

Zingiberaceae, Cassod tree, Lauraceae, Lemon grass, Rutaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Mgrtacae, Lamiaceae, Tamarind and Zinaiberaceae.

Our Herbal Steam Therapy Includes:

☼ Private steam room

☼ Towels

☼ Bathroom and dressing room with toiletries

☼ Locker

☼ Scrubbing stone

☼ Cream body scrub (Herbs, honey and yoghurt )

☼ Refreshments

Other Treatments Available

☼ Traditional Thai Massage

☼ Thai oil massage

☼ Foot massage

☼ Herbal compress massage

☼ Facial Treatment

☼ Body Scrub

☼ Body Wrap

☼ Manicure

☼ Pedicure

Herbal Properties

☼ Zingiberaceae            : decoction, carminative, anti flatulent.

☼ Cassod Tree                : antipyretic, laxative diuretic.

☼ lauraceae                     : coughing, revitalize, itching, muscle pain, tonic for heart.

☼ Lemon grass               : lower high blood pressure.

☼ Rutaceae                       : carminative, gas release.

☼ Euphorbiaceae            : increase appetite, release worm post labor tonic.

☼ Myrtaceae                     : Cold, runny nose, remove gas, stomach ache, apply for                                                         muscle pain, swelling.

☼ Lamiaceae                     : remove gas, increase breast milk, stomach ache, stimulate                                                  perspiration, expectorant, skin disease

☼ Tamarind                       : laxative

☼ Zinaiberaceae               : Rhixom: stomach ache constipation.

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