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Traditional spine care has focused on standard open spinal surgery or spinal fusion which has greater complications and some morbidity besides a longer convalescence and often poor results. The CSI mission, “less is better; less is more” in spine care, challenges the concept that open spine surgery / fusion is today’s gold standard, and aims at motion preservation.


There are numerous advantages to microdecompressive endoscopic lumbar discectomy compared to open spinal surgery. Patients who have large free fragments of disc in the spinal canal, as determined by the x-ray, often can also benefit from this procedure. However, the laser can shrink the bulging disc further for disc decompression. Some advantages are:

  • One of the advantages of the percutaneous endoscopic (arthroscopic) lumbar discectomy approach is that it is performed with much less tissue trauma when compared to an open surgical procedure.
  • Faster recovery since it is an outpatient procedure.
    Minimal to no scarring in and around the nerves post operatively.
  • Earlier return to work and to daily activities.
    Patients can begin an exercise program the day after surgery.

Not all patients are relieved of their pain with this procedure.

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