Mor Noi Clinic – Thai Traditional Medical Clinic

The Mor Noi Clinic is a Holistic Traditional Thai Clinic located just 15 minutes North of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The clinic is led by Dr. Amporn Srakrupan (Noi), a fully licensed Thai Traditional medical Doctor who teaches and believes that good health results from complete physical, mental, emotional and social well being.


Our healing center is dedicated to the balanced intergration of body and mind. Treatments at Mor Noi Clinic are customized to the individual and the patients condition. A free examination during the first visit includes an extensive multi-level diagnosis. The treatments at Mor-Noi Clinic are designed to release blockages and restore blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to the body, freeing it to return to its natural state of happiness and well being.

Many times it is suppression of unhappy, tragic, or traumatic experiences that are the basis of bodily aches and pains.

Natural Hand Heat Therapy works through the natural heat in the hands of the practitioner, in conjunction with the warm or cool areas in the body of the patient. Upon touch the heat in the hands of the practitioner produces warmth or heat to the area that is blocked in the patient. As the hand-heat warms a particular area of the body, disturbed or frozen muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia melt or loosen and are free to return to their natural aligned state.

Our treatments focus on clearing the abdomen, the source of most illnesses. By allowing the release of blocked unresolved emotions, especially in the abdominal area, the bodys natural energy is opened using Sen lines. Sen lines are the energetic network of heat and energy lines throughout the body, often referred to as meridians.

Mor Noi uses Natural Hand Heat healing and intuitive energy work as the basis for much of her hands-on healing techniques. This healing process requires the body to trust and open and when it does, results can happen quickly as the natural energies of the body are realigned. However, when there are layers of unraveling the person must be patient and learn to trust their own body and its natural healing abilities.
Each treatment can last anywhere from 1/2 to 2 hours. The body itself will tell the practitioner when to stop, so the time for each session unfolds naturally.

Patients may need to allow up to 2 hours per session.

Fees are charged per session, not by the hour.

Most of Moi Nois work is of a very light soft nature with the hands of the practitioner tracing the web-like energy paths of the body helping the healing heat to spread throughout the patients body. Where the heat energy lines will flow is not known until it actually occurs and a new portion of the body opens for healing.