S.W.A.T Chiang Mai

The BB tactical game has been established for many years in Chiang Mai.

Mr. Pongsanith  Chaipol,  or Jack SWAT is the proprietor of BB air soft gun in Chiang Mai. He said that he started playing the game over 10 years ago before the local people ever heard of this kind of game. He knows Mr. Mhee very well who is the owner of San Phee- Seu arena.

The BB air soft gun game has various kinds of arenas such as: outdoor jungle field, indoor arena and urban street fighting.

In 2003, the BB tactical game became very popular and a formal competition was launched. At that time, the S.W.A.T Chiang Mai team and some other BB experienced friends operated a special area for interested people to play this sport.  Because of this idea, the S.W.A.T arena was started in 2005.

Besides Mr. Jack being good at BB tactical gun and other BB tools he also sells and fixes the BB guns.

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