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Yui (Siripen Sriyabhaya), Thailand’s international TV chef, and her husband, Kwan, a graphic designer, are the creative engines running A lot of Thai home cooking class. Yui began teaching Thai cooking in 1999. Ten years later, she still teaches every dish in every class by herself to guarantee the highest quality of instruction. Her expertise attracts a variety of students such as, TV chefs, executive chefs, culinary school teachers, international Thai cooking instructors, food columnists, cookbook authors, tourists, and food lovers.

Established in 2001, A lot of Thai began with a maximum class size of 8 people. Even though their business has seen tremendous growth, Yui and Kwan have decided that this small class size maintains the personalization and individual attention that each student deserves. The success of their growth can partly be attributed to the power of “word of mouth” publicity.

Although Yui is highly skilled and very accomplished, her intent is not to show off her skills, but rather to humbly teach concepts of cooking. Her unique blend of art and science truly make cooking exciting, fun, and easy to follow.When students cook these delicious dishes in class, they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be able to recreate these dishes at home.

So, what makes A lot of Thai unique?

• A lot of Thai is a 100% Thai owned business.

• They offer a variety of substitutions for vegetarians– not just tofu and more tofu.

• Food can be served with brown rice.

• They support local grocery stores instead of chain supermarkets because they believe in sharing good fortune with their community.

• In class, students cook and eat each dish immediately to enjoy the maximum freshness while it’s still hot.

• Students cook with the highest quality cooking utensils. No Aluminum pots.

• They value the importance of caring for the environment by always using cloth bags and their own containers for shopping–not just for the business, but in their everyday life.

• The classroom setting is a homey atmosphere in which each student is welcomed into Yui and Kwan’s real home where 3 generations of their family still live together in the traditional Thai way.

• A spotlessly clean cooking environment is a priority.

• Healthy cooking and cleaning standards presents a very hygienic setting– No double dipping in the class.

• The market tour is very informative. Yui will explain everything even if it’s not being used in the class.

• Yui and Kwan creatively wrote and cleverly designed their own beautiful cookbook featuring delicious recipes with simple instructions, stunning imagery, and whimsical graphics. It is printed in full color and not photocopied or inkjet printed. A lot of Thai cookbook is published and can be found in book stores.

• Students are picked up by classic vehicles. The baby blue 1974 VW van and lime green 1967 Mazda 1500 will bring you back to your childhood or take you on a retro-cool trip.

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