Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the smallest lives. This is as small museum, but full of many marvelous and wild things. This is one of the tourist attractions in Chiangmai that is full of invaluable knowledge!

If we believe that the natural world is God’s creation, then we will understand that God’s purpose is one of universal benefit. There is no waste – everything in nature has inherent use and balances everything – and throughout all beings and ecological systems God is love and all of creation can live with understanding in the spirit of love , generosity , virtue, sympathy, compassion , and  respect towards all of nature.

You will see a giant  Thai buffalo horn approximately 120 years old , Petrified tree root approximately 100,000 years old, the wishing bell stone from the extreme depths of the earth (The symbolizes good luck) and so much more!

Editor: I have lived in Chiang Mai for 10 years and only just visited this little treasure. Now my daughter loves to come here and sketch the items on display. It is well worth seeing and visiting. The exhibits are from all over the world, curios, fossils, shell, insects and much, much more. This is a must for lovers of the earth. (Darren Wright)

Admission fee

Adult 300 THB

Child 100 THB

Address: 72 Nimmanhemin Road Soi 13 (close to Green Palace Hotel)

Chiangmai Thailand

Tel: 053-211 891

Fax: 053-216 262

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Open Daily 9.00 am- 5.00 pm